Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Food Challenge!

So...the other day I was talking to my sister and cousin about Thai food and realized I haven't really tried much if any. So we all decided to go to the Thai restaurant and try some different dishes. We had some wonderful fried rice with seafood, pork, and beef, some Pad Thai and some green curry. It was all very good and inspired me to try some on my own!

So I found this recipe on the Food Network (inspiration for alot of my cooking) for Kuay Tiaw Pad Thai:


I hope you will try it out with me and report back how you liked it, what you did different etc.

Can't wait to eat it!

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  1. I made one last night, I bought sauce as i did not have all the stuff to make my own, but it had bean sprouts, chicken, cilantro, peanuts, red chili peppers and noodles.....i added some broccoli too.